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Turn a BIG tax bill into a BIG profitS

Use your tax payments to earn a GUARANTEED profit

Get money back from LAST YEAR’S tax payments

Have a Big Tax Bill This Year?

Do you have to make a big payment to the IRS? Did you have to make a big payment on your federal taxes last year?

How would you like to make a PROFIT on those tax payments?

Here is a simple example:

John owes $100,000 in federal taxes this year. Rather than write that check to the IRS, he instead invests that money into buying a solar production facility. That facility is installed on a business that doesn’t have sufficient tax liability to install solar themselves.

John writes his check for $100,000 to the solar install company. The system is installed, and the business where it’s installed agrees to buy their power from John’s new company. They save around 25% off what they were paying for power previously.

John receives a $100,000 credit with the IRS toward this year’s taxes, any extra credit rolls back to last years taxes and results in a refund. The same as if he paid that money directly to the IRS.

He also receives an additional $20,000 from the state and federal government within the first year. This money is profit. Additionally, he will receive around $85/month for 5 years from the business where the solar is installed ($5100). This is also profit. This makes the total profit for simply redirecting his tax payment through this system: $25,100.

That’s a 25.1% profit on money he otherwise was just paying to the IRS.
Profits vary slightly from project to project. There are a limited number of solar projects currently available. Profits are guaranteed, and will be vetted and verified with your CPA.


Find out how much your tax payments can earn for you.

Find out how much your tax payments can earn for you!